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If you need a little help for your bust line, look no further than this MAGIC PUMP IT UP INFLATABLE BRA PAD INSERTS!

Boost that confidence upright with just a small fraction of the price and minimize the risks of surgery!

Ideal for ladies who want or need a little extra lift where it counts, these pads can be inserted into most bras for some eye-popping effects! Silicon-like minus the surgery! A Safer alternative and effective way to enhance bust without operations, injections or drugs!
Every woman at least once marveled at the amazing effects that push-up bras create and lift the chest. And of course, many wish for - what if my breasts can lift even more, and at the same time add a bit at the bottom?
This amazing MAGIC PUMP IT UP INFLATABLE BRA PAD INSERTS - is a soft pillow, which is filled with air and is placed under the bust. Like an experienced sculptor, it transforms your bust line thus making them more sexy, voluptuous and enticing!
Your breasts are instantly lifted, visually increases and becomes high and lush!

No one would even know of your secret, even if you wear a MAGIC PUMP IT UP INFLATABLE BRA PAD INSERTS under your tops, swimsuit or bikinis. You can wear any revealing clothes and the most daring neckline, too!
Feel more confident and sexy with the MAGIC PUMP IT UP INFLATABLE BRA PAD INSERTS now! 
Hurry and Try on our amazing MAGIC PUMP IT UP INFLATABLE BRA PAD  INSERTS, and enjoy the burning glances heading your way! 

Designed to create a more feminine shape by increasing the cup size by 1/2 to 2 cups sizes!
Can be adjusted either bigger or smaller, depending on your desired size.
Comfortable, non-slip and non-irritating to the skin.
Suitable for any size bra and cup.
Comfortable, durable and easy to wear underneath any tops, swimsuit and bikinis.
One size fits all.
The amazing inflatable air pads can adjust air volumes to the best result for each unique individual uses.
In 10 seconds, transform to size C/D/E easily.
A simple and safe way to enhance your breast minus costly and risky boob job.
Create instant uplifting and increase cleavage naturally.
No surgery, injections or drugs needed to increase your cup size.

For small breasts:- place them into the bottom of your bra to create the lifting up effect. 
For expanded breasts:- place them directly inside or outside of the bra to make your breast more centralized.
Enhance cleavage:- Place them nearly in the bottom of your bra to make your breasts more centralized.

When in use, please turn the side with "pumping button" facing outward in contact with the bra. Face the soft material side of pads in contact with skin. 
Hand wash with mild detergent soap only.
Do not wash in washing machine to avoid damage.
Do not brush/scrub to avoid damage.

With the miracle of MAGIC PUMP IT UP INFLATABLE BRA PAD INSERTS, the Wonder Woman in all of us is unleashed for that sexy and confident boost!!!
Hurry get your set of this Amazing self-adjustable inflatable Magic Bra Pads to give your assets a BIGGER BOOST!!



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